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Episode 2 – Tackling the Kana

Posted August 22nd, 2008 by Enrico in Podcast Episodes 5 Comments »

In this episode, we talk about how to start learning and mastering the two syllabic alphabets of Japanese, hiragana and katakana. Cast: Enrico Bianco, Kimberly Fraser, Mary Kita, Mike Oetlinger Related links: (online site for practicing kana) (many learning materials to download ...

ID3 Tags Fixed

Posted August 12th, 2008 by Enrico in Podcast News No Comments »

I've fixed the ID3 tags for the episodes that have been posted so far to add our album artwork and to credit Michael Amygdalidis as composer (which is as close as I can get to what he actually does for ...

Episode 1 – So You Want to Learn Japanese?

Posted August 8th, 2008 by Enrico in Podcast Episodes 3 Comments »

This is the first official episode of the podcast. In this episode, we discuss the things you may want to know if you’re considering taking the plunge and starting your own journey to learn Japanese.  Plus, we give some tips and ...

The Japanese Learner now available in iTunes!

Posted August 6th, 2008 by Enrico in Podcast News 1 Comment »

You can now subscribe to The Japanese Learner through the iTunes Music Store.  I've added the iTunes link under "Subscribe to the Podcast".  Or you can click here to subscribe now. Of course, those of you who aren't using iTunes can ...