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About The Japanese Learner

What is The Japanese Learner?

“The Japanese Learner” is a podcast and blog about learning Japanese. I believe that learning and mastering any language is a lifelong journey and that everyone learns in their own particular way. Through this site, I share my own ideas about learning Japanese and present ideas and resources from others while encouraging active discussion. I hope that “The Japanese Learner” will inspire all of you to continue your quest to learn about Japan, its culture, and its language in earnest.

I should clarify that “The Japanese Learner” is not intended to teach Japanese. I am still learning the language myself and I’m in no position to be teaching it to anybody else. Instead, this site focuses on how to learn Japanese, including study materials, tips and tricks, and interesting tidbits about Japan and its culture.

My Journey

My journey began about seven years ago, when I decided to study Japanese on a whim because I’d always wanted to learn a second language and because I liked playing Japanese video games. At the time I couldn’t take Japanese classes, so I started by teaching myself the language through resources on the Internet and whatever books I could afford. I found myself growing more and more fascinated with Japanese culture as I learned about it through the language. The more I learned about Japan, its people, and its language, the more I wanted to know. It is this passion which has kept me going for so many years and still keeps me going today.


Creator, Producer, Host, Blog Maintainer: Enrico Bianco

Recording, Editing, Post-Production: Michael Amygdalidis

Guest Speakers:

  • Kimberly Fraser
  • Mary Kita
  • Jonathan Gardiner
  • Mike Oetlinger


Ikutsushima Torii Gate image downloaded from and submitted by atom_balm.  It has been used according to the guidelines set out here, without the explicit permission of the creator.

Intro/outro music for the show provided by The PodSafe Music Network:  “calling from Japan” by comfortable.