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“Pink” Japanese

Posted November 27th, 2009 by Enrico in Learning Japanese

Recently, I saw a photo of pages from an Italian phrase book that reminded me of a Japanese language learning tip that’s perhaps a bit too racy to put on the podcast. Very few Japanese language materials deal with words and phrases that would be useful when “getting it on” with a Japanese person (or persons, as the case may be).

An Italian phrase book with some phrases that might come in handy...

At risk of sounding immature or (even worse) perverted, I think that this is a shame. How can you say that you have truly mastered a language unless you’ve mastered the naughty bits, too? The lexicon of sensuality and sexuality is just as important as that of politics, technology, or the arts. Sexuality is a fundamental part of the human experience and although words and phrases surrounding it might not be immediately useful — ナンパ probably isn’t the best way to break the ice when you want to make friends — one may need them eventually.

You could learn much of this simply by consuming a lot of Japanese pornography or experiencing it all first hand, but thankfully there is a site out there that provides a good alternative: Pink  Nihon.

Pink Nihon is the online version of a book, “Japanese-English Guide to Sex, Kink, and Naughtiness“. A new post is added almost daily with another piece of vocabulary about doing the nasty. The book actually goes a step beyond, offering illustrations to accompany some of the entries. By way of a disclaimer I’m not particularly endorsing this book; I don’t own a copy myself and I have no affiliation with the author or with Amazon. I just thought that it might be as interesting to some of you as it is to me.

What “darker” parts of Japanese have you started studying and how do you study them? Leave a comment and let us know!

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