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Creating Time for Your Studies

Posted May 20th, 2011 by Kimberly in Learning Japanese

For some, finding the time to study can prove to be a difficult challenge. There’s just too much going on in our lives that unfortunately, our studies take less priority.

So, what does one do to keep up with their Japanese studies?

For me, it is not about “finding” time, but rather making the time. It’s to utilize what little free time we have in a day and to do what you can in that time-frame.

I work full time and have personal commitments just like everyone else but even I find it difficult to maintain my Japanese studies. However, since I have started again, I have been finding it easier to create time for my studies by integrating it into my daily routine. For example; I use my coffee breaks, lunch breaks; along with my commute to and from work. With that alone, I give myself nearly 4 hours everyday to get some studying done in my busy day. It also helps that I am very motivated and committed to my studies.

No matter what is going on in your life, everyone should have some personal time, so why not make your Japanese studies your personal time? Those minutes really add up and if you study consistently, even for as little as 15 minutes a day; you’ll see an improvement over a course of a year.

I also utilize what tools I have in my possession to assist me so that I can study anytime and anywhere. I have my audio lessons on my iPod. I even have some textbooks in eBook format on my iPhone. These are just small examples of what you can do to ensure you have the right tools on-hand to have some quick and effective study sessions when you need it.

And of course, if you do not have the fancy phones, the laptops etc, a good old fashioned notebook, and textbook always come in handy. I still carry my grammar notes and my textbook everywhere just in case.

As long as you are consistent with your studies, you will improve in your skills.

Remember, we are trying to learn another language and it takes time, it just depends on how much you are willing to give in order to reach your goals.

Don’t let it discourage you that someone else is getting more study time then you. Of course, have fun and do what you can; when you can!

With what little free time I have; getting to fluency may take longer then others but I am confident that I will eventually get there. I’m just not the kind of student that can study for 5 hours in a row.

Do you have any suggestions on how to make more time for your studies? Send us your comments!

又金曜日!「またきんようび!」See you next Friday!

  1. 2 Responses to “Creating Time for Your Studies”

  2. By Enrico on May 20, 2011

    Nice post! I definitely agree with this and not just in the context of learning Japanese. In almost every one of my endeavours I’ve found that I achieve more by applying little bits of effort consistently than by trying to do it all in one big burst.

    When I was taking Japanese courses at York University, one of the things that was emphasized was that there was so much material that it was a bad idea to depend on cramming the material before the tests. And lo and behold, classmates who were cramming for tests often didn’t do all that well. There might be a bit of selection bias there, but I still believe that little bits of work triumph over heroic last-minute efforts.

  3. By Kimberly on May 21, 2011

    Thanks Enrico!

    Yes, I feel that a lot of this also applies to any aspect of one’s life. One does not feel so rushed or pressured to “get good now” when they do it at their own pace.

    I feel studying Japanese is fun when you can take your time and absorb new material at a comfortable rate.

    Learning anything new can be a difficult under-taking in itself, so why not enjoy every moment?

    We can all get fluent together!

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