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Go Ahead And Read Manga!

Posted August 12th, 2011 by Kimberly in Learning Japanese

This week, I wanted to post a quick tip about reading manga.

Reading manga or Japanese comic-books; is not only a great way to recognizing common kanji but you can also pick up on sentence patterns and new vocabulary.

This is best utilized when reading manga that has the hiragana beside the kanji. When I read manga, I read every character slowly to process the kanji character along with the hiragana reading. I also try to make a mental note to see how nouns and verbs are used.

I recommend doing this if you are a high-beginner to  lower-intermediate learner. The reason being, at this point in your studies you should already know how to speak casual Japanese versus polite, as many characters speak in casual form depending on the time period the manga takes place in.

Even reading period-piece manga can be interesting as you can pick up on different kinds of speech patterns. You can observe how they would speak in ancient Japan versus how they would speak in modern day Japan.

Reading bi-lingual manga is also a great tool; as you can get the sense of how to translate a sentence from Japanese into your native language.

Of course, it is fun and relaxing to read a good storyline with great artwork.

I hope everyone is enjoying the con season this year.

Go ahead and treat yourself to some manga!

See you all next Friday!

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