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What to Know For the JLPT (2011)

Posted September 2nd, 2011 by Kimberly in Learning Japanese

This week, we talk about what to expect when you register for the JLPT.

When choosing a test site to take the exam, choose wisely, as once you have registered for a particular exam site, it cannot be changed for any reason.

The same goes for the level you choose as well. Please ensure you are choosing the right level for your exam. If you have never taken the exam before and want to know get a sense of how it works, then choose a lower level that is most comfortable for you.

There is a non-refundable registration fee to process your application before you can get your Test Voucher. In most countries, the fee can be around $70 USD. (This fee is technically refundable if a natural disaster and/or a transportation strike occurs preventing you from going to the test site. As you can imagine this is rare, so don’t count on getting your money back.)

Here is the complete process:

1)      Application Period Begins (Usually from end of August to early October)

2)      All examines will get their Test Voucher by mail (or in person if you are in Japan)

3)      Test starts on December 4, 2011. Contact your local institution where you got the application form for more details on orientation times etc.

4)      On Test Day, you are only allowed to bring your Test Voucher, writing utensils only limited to No.2 or HB pencils (no pens etc.), and at least two pieces of official government issued identification like a passport or driver’s license.

5)      You have to get a passing grade in each section of the test to receive a certificate of completion that is mailed to your household. This year’s examines should receive them by end of March 2012.

6)      Once you get your certificate in the mail, you are now officially certified in that level of Japanese. If you intend to live and work in Japan, most companies prefer if you have passed either N2 or N1 (Native level.)

For a complete in-depth look into the JLPT exam and application process, please visit this link:

Please avoid the following to ensure you will not be disqualified on Test Day:

  • Turn off all cell phone sounds and even avoid digital wrist watches that may go off during the test, or they will ask you to leave.
  • Do not talk about what is on the test during the test, during breaks or even after the test. You cannot post anything about the contents of the test on the internet.
  • Do not bring any Japanese study material with you.
  • Only use a No.2 pencil or a HB pencil. Do not write anything in pen.
  • Zero-tolerance for cheating.
  • No talking during the test.

This is all pretty straight forward, especially if you remember taking tests and exams in High School or University.

Over the next 5 weeks, we will cover each level and look at what knowledge is expected for you to know in order to pass.

Next week, we talk about N5 (Very Basic – Beginner level)

又来週!(See you next week!)

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