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How Reading Japanese Aloud Can Help with Speaking Skills

Posted November 6th, 2011 by Kimberly in Learning Japanese

One of the most important keys to really knowing a language is to be able to communicate in it.

It’s very important to be able to express your thoughts and emotions, while also being able to understand the thoughts and emotions of others.

One way of improving your speaking skills is to be able to read Japanese at your current level with ease and comfort.

It would be best to collect materials that pertain to your level of Japanese.

Our goal at this point is for you to read the material aloud in a natural native speed.

First, get a short story that is comfortable for your level and read it in your head. This will help you get a better understanding where the particles are, the spaces to pause and where intonations will rise or fall.

Second, read it out loud ensuring you are reading every syllable without any mistakes.  Then, read the story over again aloud trying not to make the same mistakes.

Just keep repeating the process until you are able to understand every word and grammar structure presented in the material.

It will take some getting used to but the more you practice the faster it will be for your brain to recall the words you are trying to speak. Because your brain will already know how to process what the word should sound like and how it sounds when you speak it aloud.

This also works best for those that have an accompanying audio file to also follow the native speaker while reading the story aloud. You want to try and mimic the way a native speaker would read the story.

If you have no audio with it, try your best to mimic intonation from watching the way they speak in Japanese dramas or movies from everyday situations.

Most of you will want to stick with the reading practice sections of your textbooks if you are studying from one or just simply do search on the internet.

There are countless websites available that provide reading material based on the JLPT levels.

We learn languages like how we learn our own native language by listening, mimicking, reading and writing the same material over and over again.

One more technique that helps with your speaking ability is to simply speak in Japanese aloud as much as you can without using your native language. You need to develop your speaking skills and what better way is there then speaking aloud while also trying to think in Japanese?

Try it out; I hope it helps you feel more comfortable hearing yourself speak in another language.


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