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Tofugu eBook Review: 30 Days of Becoming a Better Japanese Learner

Posted March 29th, 2012 by Kimberly in Learning Japanese, Reviews

I have read Tofugu’s new eBook “30 Days of Becoming a Better Japanese Learner” and wanted share my thoughts with all of you.30 Days of Becoming a Better Japanese Learner

This eBook is filled with some creative ideas on how to optimize your Japanese studies. Each day, for 30 days, there is a different idea you can try out.

I was too excited to read all the ideas so, I read the entire book in one sitting! (I want to improve my Japanese that badly! Haha!) I have taken notes from some of the suggestions and have been trying my best to apply them to my current study goals.

For example, day one suggests that you create a habit. Any habit. It doesn’t have to be related to Japanese studies. It could even be as simple as washing your dishes on the same night every week.

We all know that at times, learning to write kanji and how to read them in compounds can be a little dull, but by creating a habit of doing the “not-so-fun” stuff with your studies, after a while, you don’t mind doing it. It becomes routine and it eventually becomes a part of your lifestyle.

One of my habits is when I wake up,  the first thing I will do is to update the daily word on our Facebook and Google+ pages. This has been helping me in many ways as I help others learn a new word every day while I also get to practice additional words within the example sentences.

I also have a “study journal” where I write down everything I reviewed and studied that day. This has helped me stay on track with my review for the N4 Japanese Language Proficiency Test that I plan to take in December.


“Over the next 30 days, you will go through a lesson per day showing you how you can learn Japanese better. Because this eBook only divulges the secrets of how to learn Japanese, it can (and should) be used with whatever Japanese resource you’re using at the moment.”

This eBook is currently being sold here:

Some Japanese Learners may say “wow, I just spent quite a few dollars on stuff that I already know” but luckily there is a 60 day guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, just e-mail them and you will get your money back.

There are many more ideas within this book that I have found to be helpful in my current studies, so I definitely recommend purchasing this book if you are looking for ways to keep your studies from getting too boring or if you need some suggestions on how to improve. the quality of your studies.

Join us next week when Enrico returns to our blog and writes about what to do when you feel like your studies are going nowhere.

See you all next Friday!

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