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TJL News – May 17, 2009

Posted May 17th, 2009 by Enrico in Podcast Episodes, Podcast News

In this podcast news segment, I reiterate some of the announcements that I’ve made on the blog regarding Kimberly Fraser’s upcoming posts and the podcasting panel at Anime North 2009.

I apologize for the lack of new episodes. At this time, I am putting all of my energy and effort into finding new employment, which has left me little time for producing episodes. I can’t make any promises as to when we’ll be back but I hope that it will be very soon.

If you’re going to Anime North next weekend, drop by our panel and say hi!

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  1. 4 Responses to “TJL News – May 17, 2009”

  2. By Ariel on Jul 12, 2009

    I just discovered your podcast today and I must commend you on your fantastic advice, especially the resources and tools for us newbie learners to start looking into. I do wish, however, that you would create more episodes more frequently :(. Just talking about anything Japanese that comes to mind would be fine with me :).

  3. By Enrico on Jul 12, 2009

    In theory, I should be recording a bunch of episodes Real Soon Now(TM) but I’ve been having issues getting the guests together. While I could just podcast solo, I don’t think it would work as well. Having the perspectives of people of many different levels of proficiency gives this show a different character from many other Japanese education podcasts out there.

    That said, if you or anyone you know would like to be on the show, give me a shout by e-mail:

  4. By james on Jun 16, 2014

    Hi, recently found your podcast

    Any plans on a revival/update episode?

  5. By Enrico on Jun 16, 2014

    To be honest, no. For a couple of reasons, but the main one is that I’ve started to realize that Tofugu does exactly what I was trying to do with TJL but does it way better.

    It feels a bit pointless to continue with the podcast when my heart is not in it and when there are way better resources out there. Also, having moved away from the Greater Toronto Area, I am now far away from most of the people I was recording the show with.

    I have also slipped out of my own study routine with Japanese due to other factors in my life. I haven’t actually been “learning” Japanese for a rather long time now.

    So really, it’s a perfect storm of factors which has led to me basically cancelling the show, but I’ve procrastinated on writing the post that actually ends it all.

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