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I’m back!

Posted October 7th, 2008 by Enrico in Podcast News

I landed safely back in Toronto at around 11pm last night.  I made a point of not sleeping much during the flights to help me fix my sleeping schedule.  Seems to be working so far but I’m still feeling a bit of jet lag.

I haven’t blogged about the trip.  I didn’t want to spend more time writing about it than enjoying it.  But, there will be a special episode related to my travels.  Please look forward to it.

This weekend is a holiday weekend in Canada — Thanksgiving weekend to be exact.  So, of course, recording of any episodes is delayed until at least next week.

Please send us your feedback on the episodes up to this point and if there’s anything you’d like us to cover on the show, let us know.  As always, thank you all for listening!  =)

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  2. By LuLu B on Oct 21, 2008

    TAGGED!! :) I was tagged this morning by a couple friends and decided to rope you in! :P Check out my blog for the rules…I look forward to reading your non-important interesting facts about yourself if you decide to do it :)

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