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An interesting application of my skills

Posted November 14th, 2008 by Enrico in Uncategorized

A friend of mine is a celiac. This is sometimes referred to as a “gluten allergy” and I know at least one or two more people who have it. She’s planning a trip to Japan in the near future and wants to ensure that if she needs to buy food to eat or eat out at restaurants, she won’t be given foods that will cause her to become sick.

…and that’s where I come in. She has sent me a sheet written in Japanese that she found on the Internet which intends to explain her condition, what she can’t eat, and what she can. To ensure that this sheet is accurate, she has asked me to take a look at it.

The vocabulary I’ve picked up alone is well worth the time I’ve spent on it. I’ve even learned some new English vocabulary in the process! Here’s a peek at the vocabulary that I’ve grabbed from working on this sheet:

  • 小麦(こむぎ) wheat
  • 小麦粉(こむぎこ) wheat flour
  • ライ麦(らいむぎ) rye
  • 大麦(おおむぎ) barley
  • キビ(きび) (common) millet (a variety of grain that I didn’t know about previously)
  • 膨らし粉(ふくらしこ) baking powder
  • 麦芽(ばくが) malt
All of these have been entered into my Anki deck.  =)

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